If you recall from class, you can calculate the gross income by doing what we do with every other problem on paper, but Excel will do the work for you using a designated formula.


Row 1 = Headers for each column, so all your numerical information starts on Row 2.

Using the spreadsheet that I gave you today, the gross pay formula would be as follows:

            =B2*F2 + 1.5*B2*G2 + 2*B2*H2

*Please note that the associated letters (B, F, G, & H) will change if you have a        
  different number of columns.  (look below to see what each letter represents).


***What this does is the following (in order with the equation):


AFTER COMPLETING THE EQUATION, HIT “ENTER.”  Excel will then compute the total gross income for that individual.


In addition, please remember that pay rates and gross income totals must have a dollar sign with them.  To accomplish this task, highlight all of the cells that require this (remember to hold shift or ctrl to highlight multiple cells at once), then hit FORMAT, select CELLS off of the dropdown menu, and then choose CURRENCY.  The “$” sign will now be placed with each of these values.