1.  The Bill of Rights did not come from a desire to protect the liberties won in the American Revolution, but rather from a fear of the powers of the new federal government.

Assess the validity of this statement.

2.  Each of the following individuals expressed strong opinions concerning the policies of the new nation.  Select two of the individuals and discuss the (1) opinions expressed by the individual and (2) the impact of the individual's opinions and actions on the new nation.

                    George Washington   
                    Alexander Hamilton
                    Thomas Jefferson
                    John Adams

3.  The Constitution provides both basic principles of government and means for adapting to changing times.
a.  Choose one of the governmental principles listed below.  Define the principle and discuss how it operates according to our Constitution and governmental practice.

                    Checks and Balances

b.  The Constitution provides for meeting the needs of changing times through such means as
                    * The Amending Process
                    *  The Elastic Clause [implied powers]
 Choose one of these means and discuss a specific example of how this means was used to help the United States respond to a need of society during a particular time period in the US history.

4.  Historian Charles Beard has criticized the United States Constitution as a document of economic determinism crafted by wealthy, white men in an attempt to maintain economic control of the new nation.  Agree or disagree with this concept.  Support your position with factual evidence.