Documentum lviii - Conditions


I.  Conditional Sentences

Type of Conditional

Tense of "if" clause/

Tense of "then" clause


Simple Present Conditional

Present tense indicative/

Present tense indicative

If (present indicative),

then (present indicative)

Simple Past Conditional

Past tenses indicative/

Past tenses indicative

If (imperfect, perfect, pluperfect indicative), then (imperfect, perfect, pluperfect indicative)

Future More Vivid Conditional

Future indicative or future perfect indicative/

Future indicative

If "will" or "will have", then "will"

Future Less Vivid Conditional

Present subjunctive/

Present subjunctive

If "should", then "would"

Present Contrary to Fact Conditional

Imperfect subjunctive/

Imperfect subjunctive

If "were", then "would"

Past Contrary to Fact Conditional

Pluperfect subjunctive/

Pluperfect subjunctive

If "had", then "would have been"
















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