Crossfire Band

The Crossfire Band on the youth group's Summer Retreat.

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Michael Ketterer is one of our two lead vocalists. He started singing with us in October 2006 after our former lead singer, Josh Branum, moved to Nashville.

Brett Nolan plays piano and keyboard for us. He also owns a recording studio and recorded our CD, which was released over the summer.

Tommy Ogle plays saxophone, piano, bass and sings back-up vocals. He is a very talented musician and he can pick out harmony on almost anything.

Emily Harrison is our other lead vocalist. She sang with Elijah James when they were first starting out.

Daniel Barber plays flute and electric guitar.

Rick Parker plays drums.

Brad Jones plays guitar. He also used to lead worship for the youth group almost every Sunday night.

Dagan Beckett plays bass and is in charge of the Crossfire Band. He also serves as the Contemporary Worship Coordinator at Burks UMC.

Tim Lemacks has been our lead guitarist since October 2006, after Josh Branum moved to Nashville.